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Knowing the basics of car maintenance and its working is equally important when owning a car. The RAC patrols in Britain take more care in attending the motorists stuck on the road due to breakdowns and other reasons. To know some simple steps you can take towards car maintenance is explained in

Before you go ahead and pick an auto body shop you should compare the price estimate of different body shops to finalize on one. It may vary from one auto shop to another. Now the question arises on which one to pick from those.

1. Word-Of-Mouth Advertising
Almost all business companies do advertise to attract you. You can better trust your friends or family members who have had previous experience in a body shop and had a satisfying experience. The shop they refer may not be in the middle of the town or need not be a popular auto-shop. There are shops which don’t do any advertising but pay individual attention in taking care of your car.

2. Pay Attention To Labor Charges
You need to be careful about the labor charges as most of the time the labor wages are more than the money spent on the parts to be replaced. You need not look for a fancy shop which looks posh which may add extra labor charges to make them look so.

If you are not aware of it before, there are books available to guide you on how many hours of labor are needed to get your general repair work done. Most of the Body shops go with the guide in calculating the wages. Body shops of higher end body shops charge more as they tend to do an estimate for the parts which doesn’t require a change.

3. Get more approximations
You should spend some time in taking your car to different auto body shops to get an estimate. This avoids over billing and you won’t regret doing a comparison. There are few body shops which would be ready to do a price match if possible.

Don’t get fooled by people who charge very less. If they are charging less either they may not have checked on few parts or would have decided to fix the poor quality parts into your car. This may ruin the other efficient parts of the automobile too.

4. Don’t Hesitate To Question
You need not take a checklist to get answers when you visit an auto body shop. Just ask questions which you feel is important to you like checking the warranty coverage. The warranty for different repairs varies based on the job done which varies between one-year to a lifetime warranty. Those warranties are highly restricted having several terms and conditions to follow.