Maureen O’Connell and Scholastic Corporation

It is rare to hear of people with down to earth personality yet high up there in their social status and executive rank. Well, here is Maureen O’Connell Scholastic Corporation’s Executive VP, CFO, and CAO. There is much that surrounds her free time, when she is not working at the Corporation and these includes skiing and running. She is a graduate of the Stern School of Business in New York, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics.

She has worked with several other organisations in the past, such as Barnes and Noble, as a Chief Financial Officer; Barnes and Noble as Executive Vice President – Finance; Gartner, Inc as EVP, Chief financial and Administrative Officer among several other organisations.
So, if you hear of something backed by the Scholastic Corporation and more so Maureen O’Connell, you have a reason to smile.

You might be interested in understanding a few things about Scholastic Corporation.
The website is Scholastic’s blog about books and those who love reading. There is no limit at what people who love reading can consume as Scholastic believes, and that is the reason Scholastic asserts that there are no children who hate reading, but rather, there are a number of children who read the wrong books.

Thus, through Scholastic Corporation, you can change the way children approach reading, by taking the great recommendations from the corporation and additionally purchasing approved books for the best results.

How does Scholastic Corporation manage to do this? well, it is through a lot of effort it puts to help parents, teachers and other parties who handle children to make sure that only the correct type of books is presented to the children for them to read. Independent reading, which sprouts from the love to read more and more, is what helps the children grow better, and ultimately what Maureen O’Connell Scholastic Corporation Executive VP now preaches.


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Guidelines For Successful Spider Vein Treatment In Southfield

The aging process leaves a distinctive mark and impact on every individual’s circulatory system. As you all know, majority of changes happen within the skin, but some changes remain visible. It is essential to treat the spider veins and other vein problems through spider vein treatment. It includes medical procedures and tropical treatments. The vein treatment Southfield is provided to reduce the visibility of veins and improve overall health of the patient. No matter it is a hereditary issue or not sure about the cause, you can try to solve the issue by taking appropriate vein treatment.

Generally, the circulatory system remains in charge of supplying the oxygenated blood and returning the deoxygenated blood to lungs and the heart. In this period of time, there may be certain issues where the circulatory system fails to work in a proficient manner. However, if the circulation system worsens or fails the blood in the body would start to pool in one part and cause protrusions. Such problems are highly seen in legs, ankles and feet.

The area would start to change its original color, and it results due to poor circulation. It is not a medical concern and remains unpleasant when appears on the skin. This condition can occur to anyone. It does not mean it is caused only because of hereditary. A majority of women who have gone through pregnancy stage will experience such problems. It is caused due to the extra pressure on the lower part of the body. Apart from this, due to obesity and lack of exercise, it can affect the circulatory system. It will result in unsightly blemishes.

At the start, most of the people would try to treat by using local ointments and creams. Some use makeup cosmetics to hide the bulge. In reality, they are time consuming and expensive. It is advisable to take medical procedure for treating spider vein conditions.